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We deliver our orders through a fast mail service provider. The delivery time and shipping price varies on the delivery location. We ship to countries listed in the table.

For further information, including the costs and estimated delivery times, please see the table below.

Delivery time
1-2 days
3,99 eur
Belgium2-4 days15,00 eur
Bolgaria3-4 days65,00 eur
Croatia1-4 days3,99 eur
Czech Republic2-3 days3,99 eur
Denmark2-4 days27,50 eur
Estonia2-5 days41,75 eur
Finland4-7 days41,75 eur
France2-4 days32,50 eur
Germany1-4 days15,00 eur
Greece3-4 days23,50 eur
Holland2-4 days15,00 eur
Hungary2-3 days9,25 eur
Ireland3-6 days61,00 eur
Italy1-4 days7,50 eur
Latvia2-6 days41,75 eur
Lithuania2-6 days32,50 eur
Luxembourg2-4 days21,50 eur
Monaco2-4 days32,5 eur
Norway4-5 days65,00 eur
Poland2-4 days6,50 eur
Portugal3-6 days61,00 eur
Romania2-4 days6,5 eur
Slovakia1-3 days32,50 eur
Slovenia1-2 days3,99 eur
Spain3-6 days9,99 eur
Sweden2-5 days41,75 eur
Switzerland2-5 days61,00 eur
UK2-4 days32,50 eur

Most shipments are delivered between 8 am and 4 pm. If you are not at the delivery address at the time of delivery, you will be prompted by a mail representative to take over the delivery at your nearest office or parcel machine.If you have any questions concerning delivery of your order, please contact our Customer Services Team.

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